Ongoing information on the current situation at the HfK is available at and sent out via email.

The corona pandemic has a massive impact on all of our studies at the HfK. With low infection rates during the summer and a raising number of vaccinations a first number of courses and classes on campus are possible again. The faculties have released plans for the opening measures (possibly also closing measures):

Make your teachers aware of the current possibilities and your teaching and examination requirements!

The AStA takes a critical look at the measures, their consequences, and the impacts on our studies daily. We represent all students in the crisis team of the university administration and strive to be good contacts and intermediaries for all questions and problems, that necessarily develop when a university is upside down and in lockdown.

You can come to us about issues such as hardship cases, the semester ticket or visa issues. As an international student, not only is the International Office available to you; you can also turn to the International Students’ Committee.

Please send questions about exceptions and university-wide measures directly to Reach out about issues in your degree program or department, as well as with hardship case petitions to your deanery at or

If you get stuck, contact us!

Where do I find reliable information?

Generally: check your emails to receive the most current information. The HfK communicates the most recent developments to your HfK email.

What do you guys do?! And what can we change?

Crisis Team

The university administration established a crisis team in March 2020, in which members from the deanery, campus offices and the Student Services Office (Unit 1), staff council and the Students’ Union (AStA) are represented.

The crisis team currently meets weekly or biweekly via video conference. The AStA reports back to the Students’ Parliament regularly regarding the outcomes, and gladly accepts questions, requests, and issues for discussion in the crisis team.

Student network / “HoPo-Runde”

To form a better network in these exceptional times in which we cannot meet, an informal university politics session takes place monthly. All student councils and student members of the faculty council and academic senate are invited.

In the case that you would like to participate or to introduce any issues, please refer to the student speaker for internal university politics and networking.

Committee work during the pandemic

The meetings of the AStA and StuRa take place currently (status February 2022) in presence. The AStA meets at least biweekly, the StuRa monthly, as usual. If you would like to participate, visit the committee calendar and check your emails: the invitation will be sent there. Please send an email in advance so that those in charge know about participation numbers.

The “Experimentiersemester” 2020

Open Letter of the AStA to all members of the HfK on 02.04.2020
Open letter of TVStud to the state government of Bremen
Open letter of the northern German music academies to the NDR on 08.09.2020

The so-called “Experimentiersemester” announced by the university administration at the beginning of 2020 presented us with many challenges. To offer help to the students of the HfK, the AStA, in cooperation with the student crisis team, initiated a campaign to provide you with facts, information and support. You will find all the posts here.

Last modified on: 22. February 2022