Support and Guidance

We are here for you!

Here, you will find a whole range of support and guidance. These should help you personally or with your project. Are you overwhelmed with the guidelines, applications, language, or don’t know who you can turn to?

The speaker for social affairs and anti-discrimination can help you find the right contact person.

BAFöG and housing support 

As a student, you can apply for BAFöG. You can find all information and important contacts on the website of the Studierendenwerk Bremen.

If you are having financial issues and don’t know how you are going to pay your rent for next month, you might be eligible to apply for housing benefits.

Applying for “Welcome money,” Visa issues, registration matters, immigration department 

Did you know that you can apply for 150€ of “welcome money” within the first twelve months of registering in Bremen? The BSU (Bremen Service Universität) is responsible for registration matters and the welcome money application. 

Language Assistance

If you have problems with complicated or bureaucratic German, you can ask for help from your peers at the Language Assistance. They strive to help not only in English, but also other languages like Korean, Arabic, Spanish or Chinese through a student network. They offer support with filling out forms, short texts or advertisements in German, and the translation of assignments in studies or support and company in important appointments.  

You can reach the Language Assistance at 

Language Center

Do you want to take a language course to improve your German? You can register for courses through the “Sprachenzentrum” (language center) and receive reimbursements for German courses up to the C1 level. You must initially pay for the course fees, however, upon successful completion you can contact the International Office for a reimbursement.

Psychological Counseling Center and HfK psychologist Eva Bleckwedel

If you are having a difficult time – whether it is with your studies, in crisis situations or in general – there are mental health assistance offerings for students, free of charge, like the psychological counselling center of the Universität Bremen, which you can use non-bureaucratically. The consultations take place on-site at the university. Establishing contact can often be the hardest first step for people affected. If this is also the case for you, just remember: as soon as you’ve managed it, you will have support for every step the rest of the way. All staff members are subjected to medical confidentiality.

Also, there is guidance available for HfK-members:
Eva Frank-Bleckwedel 
Diplom Psychologin, Diplom Musiktherapeutin, Supervisorin DGSV 
0421 – 49 89 38 0 

You will find detailed information on the HfK-Website (German).

Student living

Are you looking for affordable living? In Bremen, there is a wide student housing scene from the Studierendenwerk – subsidized apartments or shared accommodations.

The shared community apartments tend to select their new roommates/flatmates. For single apartments there is a waitlist. For these you should contact the Studierendenwerk directly.

Last modified on: 2. March 2022