Stereo Equipment Rentals

For your party… uh… degree presentation

Are you planning your degree presentation, a lecture, a party, or another event and need a sound system? The AStA owns a sound system, which you can borrow for a fair price.

How does it work?

Look at the list of our equipment and consider what you need:

  • 4x full range loudspeakers RCF ART 732-A MKIV PA Speaker (active)
  • 2x subwoofers RCF 8003-AS II (active)
  • 2x monitor loudspeakers RCF ART 310-A MKIII (active)
  • 1x digital mixer Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome
  • 2x dynamic vocal microphone (Shure SM 58)

Depending on what you need, you can freely put together your equipment – you will find a price list with our standard configurations here:

Price list & component description 

We charge a security deposit of 100€, which of course you will get back upon the complete return of the system.

Have you decided to reserve the sound system for a specific period? Write us an email at:
If you have other questions or need assistance with the selection, we are happy to help.

Last modified on: 30. May 2021