Inter­national Students’ Committee

By internationals for internationals.

The International Students’ Committee (IStC) actively represents international students at the University of the Arts Bremen, including both the faculty of Art and Design and the faculty of Music, established as a StuRa committee on 9th July 2020. It closely collaborates with the organs of the student body (AStA, StuRa, FSR) and regularly reports on ongoing affairs and topics to StuRa. The international students’ committee is invited to support the student speaker for international affairs in their work with / towards the university and faculty administration and teachers.

The International Students’ Committee is chaired by the student speaker for international affairs and open to all students for their active contribution. Meetings are usually held in English. The committee shall invite to regular international student assemblies, inviting all students to discuss and exchange on international affairs.

If you have any questions or issues or would like to contribute, write us an e-mail!

Last modified on: 5. October 2020