Speaker for state university politics + semester ticket

Can we universities/colleges in Bremen achieve something together? Of course we can.

The speaker for state university politics & semester ticket makes sure that we as students of the HfK have a voice beyond our university. And also that there is the semester ticket, which the AStAs in Bremen and Lower Saxony won for us in the solidarity principle.


  • Representation in the Landesastenkonferenz (LAK)
  • Representing the interests of the student body externally
  • Communication between different universities/colleges and Bremen AStAs
  • Contract negotiations with the VBN
  • Monitoring external university politics developments
  • (Contacting the) representation at the Studierendenwerk Bremen

The speaker of state university politics & semesterticket represents the (university related) interests of the student body externally. Therefore, it proactively establishes communication with the various universites & AStA of the state of Bremen and represents the AStA of the HfK Breen in the Landesastenkonferenz Bremen. It is required to actively monitor university politics in the city and state of Bremen, for example within the scope of the Bremen Parliament (Bremische Bürgerschaft) and in particular in the Committee for Science, Media, Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Ausschuss für Wissenschaft, Medien, Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit – WMDI) and, if necessary, to seek contact with representatives of political parties and institutions.
It represents the HfK Bremen in matters relating to the Semesterticket in the Landesastenkonferenzen and corresponding committees and alliances. Furthermore, it maintains contact with the student representation at the Studierendenwerk and coordinates with them.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution, October 14, 2020)


Malwine Nicolaus (elected November 2020)
asta-hochschulpolitik@hfk-bremen.de (HfK internally)

Last modified on: 5. December 2020