Speaker for communications & media affairs

The fact that you can read information about the speaker positions here is in part thanks to the speaker for communications & media affairs. If you need to know something about what is going on at the HfK, you will be informed in one way or another by this student speaker. This is also where the design of the media usually happens.


  • Informing the student body about all issues concerning them (according to § 7 para. 4 c OdS), as well as the work of the AStA via suitable media (website, newsletter, social media, notices, events, meetings)
  • Provision of permanent information about general structures of the university, in particular co-determination possibilities and rights of students
  • As well as long-term political developments and projects, such as academic development projects, committee structures, elections, advisory services
  • Maintenance of the AStA website (asta.hfk-bremen.de)
  • As well as the newsletter, which is published on a regular basis
  • Support of the other student speakers, student councils and student bodies in communicating their offerings
  • As well as the promotion of the elections
  • Active participation in meetings of the students’ parliament

The student speaker for Communication & Media informs about the work of the AStA and current affairs via suitable media (e.g. website, social media, newsletter, wall newspaper, assembly, posters, radio, etc.). This is done in particular in networking with the student speakers for Internal and External University Politics in order to inform students about current and important developments in university politics. It offers permanent information about general structures of the university, especially co-determination possibilities and rights, and long-term political developments and plans, such as committee structures, elections, counseling services and the like. To this end, it maintains the AStA website and other communication channels it deems appropriate. In all matters, it chooses at least one channel through which all students can be (formally) reliably reached (esp. website and HfK mail).

(Tasks according to the StuRa announcement of January 20, 2022)


Hannah Lowitz (elected November 2020)

Last modified on: 5. May 2022