Speaker for social affairs + anti-discrimination

The student contact person for your social issues. The HfK is small, one knows each other here. If there are interpersonal problems, this speaker can accompany you or help you. If you have difficulties with the financing of your studies, you can get in touch as well.


  • Special representation of interests for all students affected by discrimination
  • Advice and mediation as well as cooperation with the International Office and the Women’s Representative / ZKFF
  • Counseling and mediation (e.g., to the social counseling service of the Studierendenwerk, the social counseling service of other Bremen AStAs, coaching and counseling institutions, the psychological counseling center (PBS), International Office, Research Promotion Office, etc.) in questions of BAföG, scholarships, housing subsidies, etc.
  • Support of hardship cases (e.g. tuition fees, leave of absence, exams)
  • Informing students about their rights
  • Communication about the social funds of the HfK
  • close cooperation with the speaker for international affairs

The speaker for social affairs & anti-discrimination represents the special interests of all students affected by discrimination and in social affairs. It works together with the International Office and the Women’s Representative / ZKFF as well as with the speaker of international affairs if necessary.
It advises students in matters concerning BAföG, scholarships, housing benefits, applications for hardship cases and studying with children and, if necessary, refers them to appropriate offices and institutions (e.g. to the social counselling of the Studierendenwerk, the social counselling of other AStA in Bremen, coaching and counselling institutions, PBS, Internaional Office, Department for Promotion of Research / Scholarship Counseling, etc.). It also communicates the offers of the HfK’s social funds and informs students about their rights within and outside the HfK.
It supports students in cases of discrimination and, on request, represents them in negotiations and discussions with authorities and teachers. It is especially obliged to protect the privacy of the students concerned.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution, October 14, 2020)


Johanna Thomanek (elected November 2020)
asta-soziales-antidis@hfk-bremen.de (HfK internally)

Last modified on: 5. December 2020