Speaker for social affairs + anti-discrimination

The HfK is also affected by structural discrimination. In addition, it is small and people know each other here. If there are interpersonal problems, this student speaker can accompany you or provide help. You can also turn to this student speaker if you have questions or concerns about your rights as a student.


  • Representation of the special interests of all students affected by discrimination
  • Analysis of and criticism of discrimination and disadvantage structures
  • As well as organization of educational offers in order to make them transparent and to recognize their reciprocal effects
  • Cooperation with appropriate professional bodies for this purpose (Network against Discrimination, ADE, Women’s Representative, ZKFF, International Office, PBS) as well as special interest groups
  • Support of studies with children
  • Organization of political education offers/lectures on current or demanded topics (if necessary together with alliances, partners or other organizations) in the sense of § 2 d OdS
  • Active participation in meetings of the student parliament, as well as cooperation with the ZKFF, if applicable the IStC

The student speaker of Anti-Discrimination & Political Education represents the special interests of all students affected by discrimination and organizes political education programs. For this purpose, it cooperates with the International Office and the Women’s Representative / the ZKFF as well as with the International Office, if required. It informs students about their rights inside and outside the HfK and organizes lectures and workshops on current political topics. It supports students in cases of discrimination and, upon request, represents them in negotiations and discussions with authorities and teachers. It is particularly committed to protecting the privacy of the students concerned.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution,January 20, 2022)


Louisa Clever (elected March 2022)

Last modified on: 5. May 2022