What we do with your money.

The AStA has its own budget. Each semester, all students pay 22€, the “AStA-fee,” to help fund projects, support student initiatives and institutions, and compensate the student speakers. With approximately 900 students, the AStA has around 39,000€ yearly at their disposal.

The budget determines how much money can and should be given out for different purposes. This is established once a year by the student speaker for finances and approved by the Students’ Parliament. In this time (most recently March/April) it is possible to influence the budget planning and change the distribution of the funds. Proposals for budget planning can be made to the speaker for finances or to the StuRa.

After one budget year is complete, the actual account transactions are compared with the calculated budget. This comparison is presented by accountants appointed by the StuRa. They verify that the funds were given out properly and in the best interests of the student body. If the audit turns out favorably, the AStA applies for a discharge in the StuRa. Through the discharge, the StuRa states its confidence in the AStA and releases the responsible departments (finances and chair) from personal liability.

Resolution budget 2022/2023 (not yet confirmed)

Business plan Café Lu 2022/2023 (not yet confirmed)

Resolution budget 2021/2022

Resolution budget 2021/2022 addition 1

Resolution budget 2021/2022 addition 2

Resolution budget 2020/2021

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Last modified on: 5. May 2022