Speaker for international affairs

Almost half of all students at the HfK are international students. The speaker for international affairs brings together topics relevant to you and, together with the International Students’ Committee, represents international students.


  • Representation of the special interests of international students at the HfK
  • as well as asserting their concerns together with the student speaker for Internal University Politics & Networking
  • Close cooperation with and, if necessary, membership in the International Student Committee (IStC)
  • Commitment to the dismantling of linguistic and structural barriers
  • Support for visiting students
  • Cooperation with other student initiatives as well as professional counseling and support structures (International Office, Kompass, StW, Move Ahead, scholarship counseling, ministry of science and education)
  • Active participation in meetings of the students’ parliament, as well as the International Students Committee (IStC)

The International Office actively represents the special interests of international students as well as exchange and visiting students. This is done in aspects of university politics, in committees and in individual discussions. It is in constant exchange with international and visiting students. It is committed to breaking down linguistic and structural barriers and offers translations and consultations, if necessary in cooperation with other student initiatives such as Language Assistance. It supports the speaker of of Anti-Discrimination & Political Education in cases of discrimination against international students, if necessary.

(Tasks according to the announcement of the StuRa from January 20, 2022)


Vicc Repasi (elected November 2020)

Last modified on: 5. May 2022