Projects and Events

The AStA supports and organizes projects and events for the benefit of the student body.

Projects and events by the AStA

Funded projects

01/2022Atelier “Vitrine 381”, granted 550 €
12/2021Projectspace “from the A”, granted 500€
06/2021Student Garden, granted 1.000€
05/2020Support of the project “Radio Angrezi,” granted 400€
05/2020“United We Stream,” granted 700€
10/2019“Junoon” Festival with La6izi
10/2019Poster printing for First-semester party “Flutung,” Radio Angrezi 
10/2019Project room “Sphere”
10/2019Exhibition/Group project “Shift” in Frappant, granted 400€
07/2019Cultural and social meeting place “hauruck” in Gröpelingen/Lindenhof, granted 600€
06/2019Support of “Schatz* ich muss dir was sagen” (Student assembly for accreditation in Integrated Design)
04/2019Exhibition space “MMS Offspace,” granted 400€, renewed funding 05/2020 with 400€
04/2019Exhibition and workshops in project space “Treiy/Zefka/Julias ida green”
03/2019Exhibition at the queer/feminist tattoo event “Inkvisible”
02/2019Various small events and concerts of students for the HST 2019 
04/2018Project space “ZEFAK IDA GREEN,” granted 400€
06/2017Movie night in the Cinema am Ostertor: “Made in Vietnam – Filmexporte aus  der sozialistischen Republik,” granted 150€ 

Veranstaltungen und Events des AStA

05/20202nd AStA-consultation regarding Corona
04/2020Campaign “Experimentiersemester”
04/2020Survey regarding the situation of students during the Corona pandemic
04/20201st AStA-consultation regarding Corona
11/2019First-semester bar crawl
10/2019Newsletter regarding complimentary tickets to the Goetheplatztheater  Bremen
08/2019AStA Studi*Wagen at the CSD Bremen, in cooperation with the Uni and the  Hochschule 
08/2019Support of communication during the construction of Segment 7
06/2019Summer festival “Götterbahnhof” with the flea market am Güterbahnhof
04/2019Start of the HfK&Fußballtrainings am Winterhafen
12/2018Movie nights in Lu
11/2018Flowmarkt at Speicher XI
10/2018First-semester bar crawl
07/2018Ping Pong Party
07/2018Football tournament am Winterhafen
06/2018Cocktail Nights im Container, event series
05/2018Gin&Tonic at the Container
05/2018Start of the HfK football training am Winterhafen
02/2018Hochschultageparty “outside in”
12/2017Schneeschnack Wintermarkt in der Dechanatstraße
06/2017HfK Sommerfest am Speicher XI
02/2017Hochschultageparty “Sause Saufen Salmiak”

Last modified on: 27. April 2022