Student Council Digital Media


The students of the study program Digital Media form a student body, which is represented by the student council. At the Hochschule für Künste, the student council for Digital Media (Fachschaftsrat DM / FSR DM) is actively involved with and dedicated to the student body in the structure of the study program.

The FSR DM works closely with the committees of the university such as the AStA, StuRa and the StuKo, as well as the general university committee of Digital Media, and with the Joint Committee.

All active student council members and committee representatives are available for students of Digital Media. If you have questions or suggestions, contact us!

The FSR DM currently meets once every four weeks – for each session, an invitation will be sent a week in advance, via email. As with all committees, our sessions are also open to the university public. Come by!

Our purpose:

  • Awareness of student co-determination in the faculty
  • Active contribution to the study program and networking of student activities
  • Guidance for students of the program regarding questions of the study program, the teaching and the examinations
  • Mediation between professors, committees and students
  • Preparation of delegation of members in designated committees, especially the Study Committee (StuKo) of the relevant study program
  • Support and announcements of political and cultural activities in the study program, as well as the negotiation regarding current topics of artistic and scientific research and praxis
  • Support and integration of foreign students
  • Support of the university prior to and during the accreditation of the relevant study programs and their quality development
  • Special guidance of students in their first semester

You will find more information about the FSR DM as well as the student representation of Digital Media in the university on the Digital Media website.

Last modified on: 30. May 2021