Student Council Music

The Student Council Music (Fachschaftsrat / FSR Musik) represents the concerns of the students in the student body of the music department.
These nine students are your contact persons for all matters concerning your student life (whether your professor simply doesn’t exist or there are problems with a teacher) and support you. Networking among students in music is also on the agenda: first-year students are welcomed and there is now a student-organized room, the Studi-Lounge, where everything from making coffee to joint movie nights can happen. Cooperation with the other student committees is also important in this regard, in order to ensure a lot of exchange among each other. Workshops, masterclasses and guest lectures can also be organized by the FSR.
Meetings are monthly, come on by! Whether you want to say hello, have a question or concern – the FSR Music is there for all music students.

The student council for music was elected in November of 2020. (Here the election results)


By decision of the students’ parliament, the department of music was united to form a student body of a department.


Last modified on: 4. August 2021