Legal bases and regulations

The student body of the HfK Bremen has the status of a constituted student body. This means that the student body of a university forms a (partial) legal entity under public law, which can represent itself and carry out legal matters. This means that we are legally independent of the university to a certain extent, we could even sue the university in an emergency – but we can also conclude contracts, which is why we can negotiate the semester ticket ourselves, for example. This is not a granted fact and brings more autonomy, but also more responsibility.

The following legal bases apply to the student body:

Please note, that the regulations are only available in german, except for the student body regulations (Ordnung der Studierendenschaft), which isn’t legally binding.

All other regulations, laws and documents of this kind can be found in the ARTIST portal. Among other things, you will also find the regulations for your degree programme (examination regulations) and forms for student assistants or expense allowances.

In case of legal questions, need for advice and changes to the regulations, the Rechtsstelle of the HfK (locally at the Hochschule Bremen) is at our disposal. It acts on behalf of the Rectorate and is obliged to provide us with information and support.

Last modified on: 2. May 2022