Container “Chaos Office”

  • The Chaos Office XI is a container, which is located in front of the HfK’s entrance at Speicher XI.
  • The Chaos Office XI belongs to the student body of the HfK and is administrated by the AStA.
  • Accordingly, the Chaos Office XI is available to any student.
  • However, in order to use the Chaos Office XI, some guidelines must be followed:

You want to use the Chaos Office XI for your graduation, as a course or for a party? Then take a look at our documentation. If you have already organized something at the HfK the whole thing is very easy! Otherwise we will be happy to explain how everything works. So don’t hesitate any longer and contact us!

How-to Chaos Office XI (documentation)

    Mit * gekennzeichnete Felder sind Pflichtfelder.



    Ich habe die Nutzungsregeln gelesen und verstanden. Für die Nutzung ist ein Pfand von 200 € zu leisten, der im Schadensfall in Teilen oder vollständig einbehalten wird.

    Last modified on: 5. May 2022