Students' Union

Hi! This is the AStA – the students’ union – of the HfK Bremen, five to seven people who are kinda really into university politics. Our concern is to give the student body the opportunity to be loud and get involved. We represent the student body of the HfK in front of the university itself and externally.

“AStA” means “Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss”. While the literal translation of “AStA” to English is ‘general student committee’ the term “students’ union” has been established in Europe. We will be using this term throughout the website.

The students’ union (AStA) is the executive body of the student body, it is elected by the students’ parliament (StuRa). So we are something like the task force of the StuRa.

The AStA consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of seven student speakers, from whose midst two chairpeople are elected by the StuRa. The AStA represents the student body inside and outside of the University of the Arts and administers the funds of the student body (including your AStA contribution). In its work, the AStA is bound by the decisions and guidelines of the StuRa and the student constitution.
In concrete terms, this means that we administer many things for the student body, such as the semester ticket for public transport and the KultursemesterTicket (formerly known as the theater flatrate). We provide advice on various topics, are committed to International Students’ Committee (IStC) and support students affected by discrimination. From time to time we organize one or the other event. We can also provide financial support for projects.

Tasks of the AStA are in particular:

  • Preparation of the budget at the beginning of the respective financial year or its term of office and economic management
  • Informing the student body about all questions concerning them
  • Presentation of a statement of accounts to the students’ council

The biweekly AStA meetings are open to the public and can be attended without registration. The agreed protocols of the meetings can be found here.

The legal basis for university politics can be found here.

Last modified on: 5. May 2022