Submitting applications

What do you aim to achieve?

Applications can be submitted to all student bodies (AStA, StuRa and FSRe) as well as to the committees of the HfK. An application is understood to be a written request which is intended to bring about a decision. 

Applications can be quite various. Contents could be, for example:

  • Changes to a structure (e.g. of a committee) or their regulations
  • demanding a position on a matter (e.g. towards professors or the rectorate)
  • the establishment of a committee or unit
  • the financing of a project or measure
  • die Finanzierung eines Projektes oder einer Maßnahme
  • address a problem and assign a committee to deal with it

You can always send a proposal or a topic request to the chair of the respective committee. Usually your request will then have to be dealt with in the next meeting.
You should always make sure that you make a concrete decision on a particular issue so that you can demand the results afterwards.

    To whom should I make which applications?


    • Financial applications from the funds of the student body
    • Information or positioning of the student body
    • Need for representation in a university-wide concern


    • Changes to the Student Body Regulations
    • Basic decisions and guidelines of the student body
    • Calling of a student general assembly
    • Holding a ballot vote or election

    FSR (of your study programme):

    • Need for representation in a matter specific to the degree programme
    • Calling a student assembly of your student body

    StuKo (of your study programme):

    • Financial applications from the funds of your degree programme
    • Changes to the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung) of your study programme

    FBR (of your faculty):

    • Financial applications from the funds of your department
    • Election of student members in committees and commissions (e.g. StuKos or Appointments committee (Berufungskommissionen))


    • Validation of examination results
      → respective examination committee (Prüfungsausschuss)
    • Case of discrimination
      → Frauenbeauftragte or AStA speaker for social affairs + anti-discrimination
    • Hardship cases, social benefits and subsidies
      → Dezernat 1 or AStA speaker for social affairs + anti-discrimination or Stabsstelle Forschungsförderung / Stipa

    Last modified on: 5. May 2022