University Politics

Commitment pays off.

The higher education system in Germany is based on so-called academic self-administration, a system that gives all members of the university the opportunity to play an active democratic role in shaping the university and their studies. This has not always been the case and has not happened just like that. People stood up for the right to have a say in their own academic education at universities and we still benefit from this! We students should use and maintain this opportunity to shape the university and our studies according to our needs. After all, the student body is the largest organ of our university.

How does university politics work?

In all the jumble of different departments, councils, committees, etc., it is not easy to keep track of everything.

Here you will find an overview of what university politics actually does, how it is connected, and where what is decided or changed. The chart below provides links to the individual committees and their fields of activity, and also shows you where you can participate. You want to know more and participate? Then get involved!

Interactive organigram as download: hfk-asta-organigramm-interaktiv.pdf

Last modified on: 5. December 2020