Speaker for cultural affairs

We are a university of arts! Not only as the AStA of this university it is our concern to promote culture within the student body in every respect. This speaker takes care of the organization, networking and event of all sorts of things that bring us creators of culture together.


  • Co-responsibility for the Kultursemester-Ticket (formerly theater flatrate): Contract negotiations in the alliance with the Bremen ASten, contact person for the co-operation partners, further arrangement as well as communication and promotion of the Kultursemester-Ticket
  • Promotion and implementation of political and cultural activities and events, such as the orientation week, political pub, information events
  • Contact for (autonomous) initiatives and projects that benefit the student body (internal and external project funding)

The speaker of cultural affairs promotes especially (student) political and cultural activities and events at the HfK Bremen. To this purpose, it organizes regular formats such as a student political pub, informational and cultural events and cooperates with internal and external initiatives and projects that aim to promote interdisciplinary dialogue, especially between the departments (Musik & KuD), and the exchange of ideas within the HfK or that benefit the student body. For this purpose, it can refer in particular to the internal and external project funding of the AStA. To the same extent, it is particularly concerned with first semester students during an orientation week in close cooperation with the student councils as well as Dezernat 1 and Referat 1 of the HfK.
It also represents the AStA of the HfK Bremen in all negotiations concerning the Kultursemester-Ticket and participates in the Kultursemester-Ticket-alliance of all (Bremen) AStAs. It is committed to the further development, communication and promotion of the Kultursemesterticket and, if necessary, maintains contact with the representatives of other AStAs and the Landesastenkonferenz.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution, October 14, 2020)


Simon Lang (elected November 2020)
asta-kultur@hfk-bremen.de (HfK internally)

Last modified on: 5. December 2020