Student Council Integrated Design

The Student Council Integrated Design (Fachschaftsrat / FSR ID) is a group of seven students from Bachelor and Master who represent the faculty: that is, all students of the Integrated Design program.

We fight for you in all ID areas and committees of the university for improvements and being heard, e.g. for a good module plan, an uncomplicated course registration, a meaningful orientation week, student workplaces …
With a knowledge pool around the HfK and its own experiences, the Student Council tries to find solutions and initiate changes. The good networking with other political committees of the HfK (AStA, Faculty Council, StuKo, other Student Councils) also helps.

If there are topics/problems/wishes/suggestions that concern the Integrated Design, then spontaneously take part in our meetings or write us an email. Whether it’s problems with a course, a professor, online teaching, the room situation, we always have an open ear for you.

Feel free to come to the monthly meetings, you are invited to participate. The Student Council is not a secret club, but is elected by us students, so everyone has at least the right to be there.

The FSR for Integrated Design was elected in November 2020. (See election results.)


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Last modified on: 4. August 2021