Speaker for finances

In a nutshell: Everything that has to do with money and/or possessions goes through the hands of the student speaker for finances. The applications for project funding by the AStA are processed here as well.


  • Budget management of the student body according to the financial regulations, as well as supervision of the cash management
  • Preparation of the budget plan according to § 12 para. 1 OdS, as well as possible supplements
  • Bookkeeping and annual accounting
  • Supervision of tax and social insurance duties, as well as other duties of the student body
  • Supervision of Café Lu and contact with its management
  • Keeping of inventory lists according to § 11 Abs. 7 OdS
  • Support of the annual audit of the audit committee
  • Supervision of project funding and financial transactions of the student body
  • Administration of contracts and business of the student body
  • Preparation of contracts for work, services or fees
  • Supervision of the post office box (house mail) of the AStA
  • Active participation in regular chair meetings
  • Active participation in meetings of the students’ parliament

The student speaker for finances is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the AStA. In particular, it is charged with checking the legality and safeguarding the welfare of the student body in the case of expenditures and resolutions of the AStA in financial matters without further request and to object to them if necessary. For this purpose, it uses all the means and rights granted to it in §13 paragraph 2 of the Order of the student body. In addition, it shall be responsible for the accounting of the budget of the AStA. This includes the preparation of the budget plan, the posting of all receipts and disbursements to the AStA’s account, the accounting of reimbursements for expenses, expense allowances, and project contracts, honorarium and work contracts, as well as inventory management. It manages the funds of the student councils and Café Lu. In doing so, it receives support from and works together with the staff members employed in the administration of the AStA. Together with the AStA chair, it is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the AStA. It receives and processes the decided financial requests of the other members of the AStA. It looks after the physical post office box of the AStA. The student speaker for finances may not hold the office of the 1st/2nd chair.

(Tasks according to the announcement of the StuRa from January 20, 2022)


Jelko Arnds (elected August 2021)

Last modified on: 3. May 2022