Speaker for finances

In a nutshell: Everything that has to do with money and/or possessions goes through the hands of the student speaker for finances. The applications for project funding by the AStA are processed here as well.


  • Management of the financial transactions of the AStA
  • Reviewing and, if necessary, objecting financial decisions of the AStA
  • Creation and monitoring of a budget for the AStA
  • Settlement of expense reimbursements, expense allowances and project applications
  • Fee contracts and contracts for work
  • Management of financial resources for FSR and Château Lu
  • Inventory management
  • Taking care of the physical mailbox
  • Authorized to sign

The speaker for finances is responsible for the management of the financial affairs of the AStA. In particular, it is responsible for ensuring the legality and protection of the well-being of the student body in the case of the AStA in financial matters without further request an, if necessary, to object them. To this end, it uses all the resources and rights granted to it in § 13 paragraph 2 of the Ordnung der Studierendenschaft.
In addition, it is responsible for the accounting of the AStA’s budget. This includes the drawing up of the budget, the posting of all incoming and outgoing payments to the AStA account, the accounting of reimbursements of expense, expense allowances and project applications, fee and work contracts, as well as inventory management. It manages the funds of the student councils (Fachschaftsräte) as well as the “Chateau Lu”. For this it works together with the administration of the AStA finances provided by the university. Together with the chairpersons of the AStA it is authorized to sign contracts in the name of the AStA. It receives and processes the approved financial applications of the other members of the AStA. It attends to the physical mailbox of the AStA.
The speaker for finances may not hold the office of the chairperson.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution, October 14, 2020)


Jelko Arnds (im Amt seit 15.08.2021)

Last modified on: 13. October 2021