Speaker for internal university politics + networking

This student speaker initiates the networking of (student) university politics actors. If you don’t know who to ask, this student can refer you to the right person or body. He/she is the contact person for questions concerning university politics, especially for all student representatives at HfK.


  • Representation with advisory vote in the Academic Senate (AS) of the HfK
  • Networking with student representatives in internal university politics (AS; FBR KuD and Music, all related committees and commissions; student councils)
  • Following the political developments in inner university politics
  • Contact to the legal department and rectorate
  • Overview of laws and regulations of the HfK
  • Supporting student elections and the founding of individual student councils

The speaker for internal university politics & networking represents the (university related) interests of the student body internally and supports and promotes, if necessary in cooperation with the speaker of cultural affairs, initiatives and members of the HfK Bremen active in university politics. For this purpose, it attends sessions of the Academic Senate (Akademischer Senat, AS) on behalf of the AStA. In addition, it consults with the student representatives of HfK (AS, FBR KuD & Musik and all related committees and commissions) and promotes contact and consultation between them.
It monitors the internal political developments at the HfK Bremen and seeks contact with the Rectorate, the Dean’s Offices and the legal department. To this end, it familiarizes itself with the laws and regulations of the student body, the HfK Bremen and the State of Bremen (Ordnung der Studierendenschaft, Regulations of the HfK, Examination Regulations, Bremisches Hochschulgesetz BremHG).
It supports student initiatives, accompanies student elections, and in particular supports the founding and everyday business of individual student councils (Fachschaftsräte) of the HfK Bremen.

(Tasks according to StuRa resolution, October 14, 2020)


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Last modified on: 13. October 2021