Speaker for internal university politics + networking

This student speaker initiates the networking of (student) university politics actors. If you don’t know who to ask, this student can refer you to the right person or body. He/she is the contact person for questions concerning university politics, especially for all student representatives at HfK.


  • Representing the student body of the HfK within the university, in particular vis-à-vis the academic senate and the rectorate
  • Commitment to good teaching and good study conditions
  • Promotion of political and academic self-administration of all students, as well as appropriate study conditions
  • Support of the student councils (FSR) and the presidium of the students’ parliament (StuRa)
  • Participation in the meetings of the academic senate (AS) with advisory vote
  • Contact with the student members of the collegial bodies (AS, FBR)
  • Organization of a regular networking of the political actors in the HfK within the framework of the “HoPo-Runde”
  • Accompaniment of the elections
  • Organization of workshops and trainings
  • Networking between the faculties (music and art and design)

The department of internal university politics and networking represents the (university political) interests of the student body internally and supports and promotes, if necessary in cooperation with the student speaker for culture, university political initiatives and activists in the HfK Bremen. For this purpose, it participates in the meetings of the academic senate (AS) on behalf of the AStA. In addition, it coordinates with the student representatives in university politics (Academic Senate, Faculty Councils Art and Design and Music as well as all associated committees and commissions) and promotes contact and consultation among them.
It follows the internal political developments of the HfK Bremen, seeks contact with the rectorate, the deaneries and the legal office. To this end, it familiarizes itself with the laws and regulations of the student body, the HfK Bremen and the state of Bremen (Order of the student body, regulations of the HfK, examination regulations, Bremen Higher Education Law BremHG).
It supports student initiatives, accompanies student elections and supports in particular the founding as well as the daily life of individual student councils of the HfK Bremen.

(Tasks according to the announcement of the StuRa from January 20, 2022)


Mara Hebel (elected November 2021)

Last modified on: 5. May 2022