On this page we’ll answer all possible questions about the election process. If you have further concerns, please contact!

How do I vote at all? And when is the deadline?

Covid-19 has changed a lot this year – including the election process. Since we still avoid personal meetings at the HfK as far as possible, the elections will take place exclusively by postal vote. You will receive a letter between October 21st and 30th with all the voting documents you need – according to your course of study.
Very important: To make sure the letter arrives at your correct address, check it again in the Artist portal until October 19th! Update it if necessary if you have moved recently – or if you are not in Bremen at the moment.
You can then vote until November 23rd, 12:00 pm. By that time, all voting letters must have arrived at the HfK. When posting the letter, please take into account the time it will take until the letter arrives in the mail in Bremen!
Shortly before the end of the election period we will remind you again by e-mail.

What do the election documents look like? And what do I vote for?

Inside the envelope there are various ballot papers, polling cards and envelopes. Depending on what you are studying, you will get a suitable ballot for the student council and the faculty council – for example, if you are studying music, you will also get the ballot for the music student council. You can usually cast one vote on each ballot paper, i.e. one for each committee. It is possible to vote either for a list or one candidate on a list.
But be careful: the individual ballot papers must be put in the correct envelope. You will find an explanation for this further down on this page as a graphic and also on the explanation paper in your voting documents.

If you would like to know more about what the respective committees do, you can find an overview on the main page of the committee election 2020. In this overview, you can see how the committees branch out and are connected. To get a more detailed insight, you can listen to the interviews (only available in german) with current and former representatives of the committees.

What do I have to do with the ballots?

The completed ballot papers must be sorted into the envelopes in a certain order. This is because the elections of the student bodies (Students’ Parliament + Student Council) and the university committees (Academic Senate + Faculty Council) are counted separately. In addition to the ballot papers, there are also the polling cards which you must sign to make your vote valid.

And this is how you proceed:

When you are finished, send the envelope C back to the HfK, to the following address

Postfach der Kanzlerin Antje Stephan (Wahlleitung HfK)
Speicher XI 8
28217 Bremen

Alternatively, you can bring the letter yourself to the HfK at Speicher XI or in Dechanatstraße and drop it in the mailbox at the entrance.

Last modified on: 7. November 2020