You voted. You can see the results at Student Represen­tatives Election 2021.

Students’ Parliament: What do you do there? Short and crisp (but in German)

Student Councils: What do you do there? Short and crisp (but in German)

Step 1: Be motivated. Be mad. Have the will to do something.
Step 2: Fill in the election proposal for the committee of your choice (see right side, on mobile down below).
Step 3: Send it to

Run for office NOW!

Deadline extended: August 6th, 12am (noon)

Elections will be held later, for now it’s about the most important things: candidacies for the Students’ Parliament and the Student Councils.

For the more experienced, also: the Academic Senate and the Faculty Councils.

The elections themselves will take place at the beginning of the winter semester, by 06 October 2021 13:00, and (for the second time) exclusively as a postal vote.

What, how? Run for office? Why? For what?

Students’ Parliament (StuRa) | 15 students (+ substitutes)
Student Council Music (FSR Musik) | 9 students
Student Council Digital Media (FSR DM)| 7 students
Student Council Integrated Design (FSR ID) | 7 students

Academic Senate (AS) | 3 students (+ 3 substitutes)
Fachbereichsrat Kunst und Design (FBR KuD) | 2 students (+ 2 substitutes)
Fachbereichsrat Musik (FBR Musik) | 2 students (+ 2 substitutes) 

You are here on the website, so you probably also study here. Therefore, this is also your business!

Right now, there are elections for our committees – our own elections, held by us students, for the people who negotiate our semester ticket and complain to the Mensa when they only had meat again and use our student structures to improve our study lives. In short: an essential matter. But why should you care?

The student committees we are talking about here are the students’ parliament and the student councils. You might know them from various mails. This should be of interest to you, because it directly affects you and your studies.

Students’ Parliament

The students’ parliament (Studierendenrat) is our highest committee, and that’s where the important decisions are made. The students in here decide, for example, what actually happens with your semester fee. You can buy a snow cannon for it, or pay people to lobby politicians for a BAföG extension – it’s up to you. Or commission people to nag the Studierendenwerk until there’s something vegan to eat every damn day. Or ask how the access to the building works, while the gastronomy is busy again, but we have to sit outside. In addition, they also elect the AStA and make sure that no one leaves with our money. And because there are 15 people, in the end it’s not that much work for each of us.

Student councils

The student councils (Fachschaftsräte, FSR) are still quite new at the HfK, but they have already made quite a ruckus. There’s a student council for each course of study (in music, they’re all combined for simplicity’s sake), in Fine Arts nothing was founded yet though (why not?!). In these student councils students from the respective course of study do very different things. At the HfK, of course, this is largely to remind the teachers that they are not infallible and that certain courses could be better. Besides that, there’s the welcoming of the freshmen, and then a bit of partying. Plus, everything that is desired in the course of studies. Size varies between seven and nine, plus various people who just want to help. It’s an organized group that wants to make the program better. 

The best thing about it is that all the members of these committees are students. Students like you. They do their classes, practice their instrument all day, lay around at home, go to outdoors, and bust their butts for their studies and university on the side. No special requirements, no trained politicians, but simply an interest in making the situation better for themselves and the other students. You probably even know some of them, because there aren’t that many of us at this mini university.

They got onto the committees through what? Exactly, an election. A committee election, so to speak. The very election that is currently taking place. They simply thought, “Oh well, it’s boring to feel sorry for myself and complain all the time, so I’ll just run for office.” And bang – elected. Now they do nice work and improve the quality of your and others’ lives at the university.

You can probably already guess where this is going: You should also run for office. No! I don’t have time! And actually, it’s not that important to me, I have to concentrate on my studies!

If we’re honest, that’s also a bit of an excuse. Sure, nobody wants to work twelve-hour shifts. But that’s not what is asked here. A monthly meeting, in the meantime doing the tasks you’ve agreed to do and simply making life easier for everyone. The more people do a little bit, the less is left to individuals. And if you give a damn about you and your studies, run for office. You can’t tell us there aren’t enough things you’d like to be different.

How to run for office?

All right, we got that out of the way. You’re running. Nice, sincere gratitude on our part. Now what?

Pretty simple. Think about what level your main concerns are at: Is it a. just in the course of study, or b. university-wide? If a, then take the student council election proposal form, check the box for yours, and fill that out. If b, then you take the form for the students’ parliament and fill that out.

You scan that (or sign it digitally) and send it to by 12:00 noon on 30/07/2021. Our friendly Electoral Committee will then get back to you promptly to let you know if everything is in order, and if not, what might need to be changed. Then you can sit back until your postal ballots arrive in August or September.

Last modified on: 11. October 2021